Essential C21st Teaching Skills


Using technology efficiently, effectively and transformationally in any classroom
About this course

This course pairs together one of the leading innovators in education with the most creative and student-friendly device ever. The result: some of the most groundbreaking teacher training on the market. This course will deliver strategies for instant differentiation and provide access to the full range of learning styles, accelerated learning, top levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy and many more.  Many trainers who have jumped aboard the Apple bandwagon may understand the capabilities of these devices, but Neil is different in that he sees not the technology, but the learning opportunities provided by it. He will demonstrate how to have students maximising their creative potential though iMovie, animations, drawings, annotated photographs and more.  The result of successfully integrating powerful technology into the classroom in the hands of an able teacher promotes motivation, inspiration and academic progress in all areas. This is more than how to use an iPad, this is how to use an iPad (or iPads) in your classroom.

Please can delegates bring an iPad with iMovie and the ability to install new apps to the training day. We will also have a brief sharing ideas session so please feel free to share a great app you have found (optional).

Course Outcomes:
  • Enable teachers to use iPads effectively to support learning, whatever their prior experience
  • Explore how iPads can transform learning and make students work harder than your school’s teachers do!
  • Allow your teachers the opportunity to try out and use the most effective apps to support their subject area
  • Provide a totally hands-on day to allow delegates to confidently put into practice what has been learned
  • Explore and discuss flipped lessons and the possible future of education
Course Outline:
Session 1

The SAMR model and how to apply it

How and where do we start to integrate iPads?

Getting to grips with the devices

Apps to revolutionise assessment for learning

Session 2

The best apps for creativity

Literacy apps

Classroom structure for sharing devices

Sharing ideas session

Session 3

Following students’ learning journeys

Flipped lessons a practical guide to creating your own

Developing your own lesson plans using iPads/iPods

Staying in touch with future developments

Wendy Imperato

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Mary Chapman

+44 (0)29 2071 1787

“Peter had a really engaging style, using his own personal and practical experience as well as humour to engage his audience. There was a lot of content in the sessions he ran, both practical and developmental. All of our staff felt that they got a lot from the day.”

Assistant Head , Victoria College

Fabulous, practical ways of using the iPad in the classroom. Made it look so simple to create IWB activities.

Head of Department , Monmouth School

Time went very quickly. Pitched at exactly the right level. Very engaging. Everyone 'fired up' about iPads.

Headteacher , Dodderhill School

The course introduced useful skills and tools which were user friendly and could be used in the classroom.

Head of Department , Farnborough Hill School