Emotional Health


Preparing Staff for the Resilience Needed to Cope Effectively with the Challenges of Teaching
About this course

Would you benefit from easy-to-use strategies to help you to manage the increasing demands placed on the teaching profession?

Do you have the skills and insight needed to manage your work-life balance?

Are you fully able to keep up with the constantly changing challenges of teaching in the
21 st Century?

One in four working people in the UK will experience some form of mental distress in their lifetimes, with workplace stress identified as the number one cause.

Research by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) has identified teaching as the most stressful occupation in the UK, and stress is cited as the predominant reason by teachers for leaving the profession.

This course will explore practical approaches that work effectively in a school environment and will provide a host of new ideas designed to promote emotional wellbeing. An engaging mix of theory, research and practical application that supports teachers in working effectively and efficiently in the classroom, while still maintaining good emotional and mental health.



Course Outcomes:
  • An understanding of the importance of teacher emotional health and wellbeing
  • How to always remain in control of your emotions in the classroom
  • Practical strategies and techniques to promote positive emotional health and wellbeing
  • Self-directed approaches to stress management
Course Outline:
Introduction to emotional health and wellbeing

A ‘First-Aid’ approach to emotional health and wellbeing

How can I identify what causes me excessive stress?

Problem-solving approaches to reduce stress and anxiety

How to control your inner voice

How does my mind respond to stressful situations?

How can I manage my emotions and thoughts?

What kind of person do I want to be at work?

Practical approaches to mindfulness

Self-directed approaches to coping with change

The emotional cycle of coping with change

Applying theories of self-directed learning

Practical approaches to establishing a culture of professional coaching

The basics of professional non-judgemental listening

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“I have taken away many useful ideas and resources to implement as part of our pastoral curriculum and improvement plan.”

Teacher , Newham Sixth Form

“Simply outstanding."

Principal , Oakley College, Gran Canaria

"Bethany was excellent. She has a clear, helpful and professional manner and delivered the content with dry humour and many helpful anecdotes. Her suggestions were based in research and so she had credibility. She offered many practical suggestions and all my colleagues were grateful for her input. Lots of 'takeaways'. Left us with a lot to think about."

Headteacher , King's St Albans

"A good balance of lecturing and participatory activities, making it an enjoyable experience. Many useful ideas for staff to think about, particularly self-awareness."

Teacher , Brecon High School

"One of the best Inset days I have attended - very enjoyable and lots of knowledge gained."

Teacher , Brecon High School

"A stimulating and enjoyable way to start the new term."

HOD -MFL , Brecon High School

"I have taken away many useful ideas and resources to implement as part of our pastoral curriculum and improvement plan."

Teacher , Newham Sixth Form College